Despite violences and diseases, a succesful year


“This year has been a very difficult one for our organization.The first challenge was to continue our activities through the ongoing political crisis: children have been the victims of physical and psychological violences since February 2015. Also our neighborhood, Buterere, has been affected: we were forced to close the restaurant, which was helping us to pay school fees for children and some salaries; children were scared of being killed by the police; the school has been working on and off because of armed confrontations and street blocks, and it will even close completely at times.On top of this, our friends who created and supported Girineza had to flee the country. We are distant now but luckily, despite this, we continue to work together.

Another challenge has been children diseases: Emelyne and Jadine have had malaria more than three times this year. This affected their school frequentation and results. Emelyne also had an eye problem and coudnt see anymore what was written on the blackboard. We had to buy her some glasses. The other children had malaria just once, and Joseph had nothing becausehe is very strong.

Another challenge has been the inflation: prices have raised of more than 40%

Despite all this our children have been very consistent. Nowa and Joseph are the best of our group and the best of their classes, Audrick and Dishon are very good and Emelyne and Jadine are weak, but as I said they had several problems this year. They both had problems being on time at school because of the augmentation criminality on the road to the school. But they will do better next year. Especially Jadine who has such has a strong will. I am studying with Emelyne’s parents how to help her for next year. She has a lot of will too and I will not leave her. We are still waiting Tama’s results, who has improved very much this year.
As an animator, it was a very hard year. I regret to say that the TUGIRUMWETE project for parents has almost stopped because we don’t have enough money to restart it. Almost all the crop died because of the harsh sun and the lack of rain. Also, Mama Dishon couldnt follow the project as she did before because she got pregnant again!
Overall, I think that despite the political crisis and Emelyne’s failure, we managed to succed and we are moving forward.”
Fabrice, 13 July 201


foto grupe-juin2016_p
Fabrice and the children on the beach, Lake Tanganyika, Bujumbura (from left to right Audrick, Joseph, Dishonm Nowa, JAdinem Emelyne, Tama) Photo by Landry Nshimiye

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