No place for children

No place for Children, the last UNICEF report on Syrian children, states that 8.4 million children are affected by the war, 1 in 3 children has been born since the conflict began in 2011 and 151.000 children were born as refugees.

Click here to read the Report.

Here below the story of Saja,a twelve years old Syrian girl who talks about school, gymnastic and football, despite having lost a leg and may friends in the war.

(The video is by UNICEF, 2016)


On a smaller scale, Burundian children are suffering violence and uncertainty every day. In the last week, three children were killed. One was a three year old little girl who died in a grenade attack. The total causalities of burundian children is 29 since the beginning of the political crisis. 260.000 is the rough estimate of refugees living in neighbouring countries. (For more info on the Burundian humanitarian situation, click here.)

I wonder where children can have the right to a happy childhood in this world.




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