Our story

In 2011 a Burundian social-cultural animator, a French humanitarian worker and an Italian photographer worked together on a project on child labour in the displaced peoples camp of Sabe, in Bujumbura, Burundi (East Africa).

Working closely with Joseph, Audrick, Nowa, Emelyne, Jadine and Tama – who were between 6 and 15 years old at the time and were making bricks in the factory near the camp, they decided together to create the smallest organisation in the world to help these children move forward in their lives. So Girineza was created!

Here a video shot at the beginning of the project, with interviews of our children who at the time were all still working in the brick factory near Sabe’s displaced peoples camp:

Today our children are among the best of the school. Despite the political crisis that has hit Burundi since April 2015, Girineza continues its activities and remains one of the most dynamic initiatives of the community of Buterere in Bujumbura. We are small but stubborn .. and it works !




2 thoughts on “Our story

  1. A very good site for a very constructive and brillant initiative for five years. Development is not number of beneficiaries’s project or financial volume for aid… development is intention and quality of intervention for promoting dignity and future for human beings who don’t get all the chance at the beginning. Girineza is in that way a good illustration of what we can do… so congratulations to the pioneers Fabrice, Sonia and Martina for their great contribution and for their endurance for burundian children.

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